Athletic Background

Competitive Background

Soccer scholarship to Graceland University, Lamoni Iowa

Varsity Goal Keeper NAIA Division 1

Competitive Snowboarder 2000-2006
Big Air/ Slope style

I continue to be an avid ongoing sports/athletics enthusiast across many disciplines and is competitive with myself to improve a little every day.

Current Sporting / Athletics

I enjoy training in many disciplines and use many tools. I don't feel one tool is superior to another as every individual is different so should the approach with every tool and method applied.

I enjoy competing with myself to train skills in gymnastics and continue to play competitive or pick up soccer with friends.

My current training includes the following methods, approaches and tools that I blend to get the most out of my training and body and optimize performance as I get older.

I take a structured intuitive approach. This means that I will plan to train certain skills or lifts every month but scale intensities and difficulty based on how I feel day to day.

  • Gymnastics/ Parkour Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Natural Movement / Mov Nat
  • Calisthenics
  • Current Team or Individual Sport / Activity
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Wake Boarding / Wake Surfing
  • Gymnastics
  • Flag Football

Current Involvement with Athletes/Athletics

I currently train and treat athletes across many disciplines such as NHL/OHL hockey players, K1/National team kick-boxers, Invictus games medalists, varsity soccer players. Professional ski, snowboarders and wake-boarders, Olympic weight lifters competing in masters divisions, power lifters.

I was the Lead Physiotherapist at the Pan-Am games in Toronto in 2016 and Physiotherapist and Strength Coach for the Canadian National Alpine Ski Team from 2007-2009.

Professional Philosophies

Clients/ Patients have the ability to heal and fix themselves before a major injury occurs. This can only occur if the client is educated and made mindful of what they are currently doing that is precipitating the problem and know how to self correct.

They need to be given the tools to self check and implement an exercise or tool to their body to get the right response.

Passive treatment does not work for long term results. It has a time and place, and is meant to decrease pain, increase range of motion and reset the hardware of the body.

However, the magic happens when the client gets off the treatment table and is taught to move in a new way that complements their new alignment and body position.

I expect a lot out of my clients because I expect a lot out of myself. They don't need to make huge leaps and bounds in their rehab and training, but it is nice to see, I just expenditures them to be motivated and driven to get better a little bit each day. Our job is to help them maintain that momentum and continue to feed their motivation with adequate progressions and new knowledge that builds on the previous.

Success is just getting 1% better at anything in life before you head hits the pillow


My pursuit to be the best father, husband and entrepreneur has driven my goals as a clinical athlete. The better my goals as a clinical athlete is to continue to strive and accelerate in my pursuit for greater athleticism as I get older.

I have researched and applied various methods and information regarding best recovery practices and ways to increase my cognitive and physical function. This information is then shared with my clients so they can get the most out of their day and lives.