Advanced Movement Therapist Certification

What is an Advanced Movement Therapist?

Movement therapists are teachers of movement. They use movement to assess and intervene, to correct movement patterns and performance, reduce a clientís pain and pave the path for optimal recovery.

  • They teach clients how to be more intuitive with their exercise selection based on their own individual findings, implement a movement tool out of their tool box, and then recheck their work to see how the body has responded.
  • They teach self-soft tissue release, joint mobilizationís, mobility, and corrective of exercise best suited to the clients needs at that time.
  • They analyze postural patterns, ranges of motion, mobility and strength to best formulate what exercises to help unlock the clients movement fluency ranges of motion to prevent injury and enhance performance.

The Advance Movement Therapy Certification

Evidence continues to support the important value of sound exercise prescription for optimal physical and mental health and wellness, and has been a cornerstone of physical rehabilitation for over 100 years!

Current trends in education and training have forced a move away from the foundations of therapeutic exercise for many health care providers as the scope of practice for many continues to expand towards more passive techniques and modalities. This is by no means saying that these techniques are not valuable; in fact they are very important for restoring and altering the input of the body to the brain and allow for better movement to be restored by removing barriers.


We need to apply the right exercise at the right time and taught the right way to achieve optimal outcomes and prevent re-occurrence of the injury. After needling a tight banded muscle, mobilized/manipulated a joint, performed stretching techniques or any other manual technique that reduces pain and improves the physical parts of the body. The Advanced Movement Therapist certification can effectively enhance treatment outcomes by applying methodical and structured movement and exercise knowledge to reduce the need for the client needing to be back on the treatment table.

Life cannot exist without movement and moving optimally can enhance a healthy, prosperous and happy life!

The AMT system establishes the most effective movement strategy or exercise for your clients to:

  • Increase the standard of professionalism and quality care for PTAs, trainers, kinesiologists
  • Take your clients from an injury/dysfunctional state to optimal function
  • Clear and effective communication between clinicians, assistants or health professionals who are all certified in the AMT system
  • Seamlessly tie movement training with rehabilitation
  • Provide a standard system to assess, intervene and re-check
  • Provide a system to new grads to quickly build an effective treatment tool for greater patient outcomes, gain greater confidence in ability to assess and treat more complex clients, quickly and efficiently know what to treat when a patient presents with multiple areas of pain and dysfunction. Thus building trust, rapport and confidence with your patients in your ability to get them better quickly
  • As veteran manual therapists to solidify and maintain your advanced manual treatment techniques to keep your patients progressing and needing less hands on over time.