What is SPS?

An education platform for the health professional and avid personal developers.

Users can access cutting edge information in which to upgrade physical and mental performance to get the most out of their physical health and get the most out of their life long sport called life.

Who Is This For?

Health professionals such as Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Athletic Therapists, Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers can access workshops, programs, movement and corrective exercises that they can apply to their clients and patients for optimal outcomes.


I have a firm belief and rule at my facility, that you practice what you preach. Being a life long learner is a gift not a burden. And we all have the ability to heal ourselves by taking responsibility of our own biology and health by applying the right tools and tactics to optimize a long and healthy life. Everything I have taught, prescribed and recommended to my athletes, clients and patients I have experienced myself and self experimented to feel and see how my body responded.

My goal is to provide the best and most current research on various topics of human optimization and performance from movement and exercise, neural training and motor learning, diet and nutrition, mental and emotional mastery (one of my personal life long pursuits) and all the way down to cellular biology. If we have an understanding down to the cellular level of our existence than the human being can best be taken care of.

Personal Quest

I have always had a drive to perform at the best of my abilities in all aspects of my life. Nothing has driven me more than when my two beautiful children were born. Being a husband, entrepreneur, business owner, educator, lecturer and athlete I knew my time was going to be spread out even more and I wanted to be the best husband and father I could be without sacrificing the other aspects of my life that I love. I didn't want to come home bagged, tired and irritable and not have the patience and energy for my family.

My ongoing pursuit for self improvement and passion as a health professional has allowed me to share and educate my clients, patients, friends and families to best serve them in not just their injured state but their general overall well being and energetic life.