1 or 2 Dumbbells is All That's Required for This Full Body Workout.

Dumbbells are undeniably an effective training tool. Not only are they readily available, but they allow you to perform a combination of lateral and bilateral movements to address any muscles imbalances you may have. As far as what to do with them; we’ve got you covered. Follow along for a 3 block circuit followed by a stretching sequence. You can modify the reps to whatever weight of dumbbells you have.

Strength component:

A1: Arnold press x10 reps each side
A2: SL rotary stability DL alt sides x10 reps
A3: DB curl x 10 reps

B1: Double DB front rack lunges x10 reps. Repeat on opposite side
B2: Renegade row x10 reps
B3: Diamond push ups x10 reps

C1: Alt cossack squats x10 reps
C2: Jefferson curl x10 reps
C3: Bent over raises x25 reps or until failure

Rest anywhere from 30-60 seconds between rounds and repeat 3-4 times each.

Stretching sequence:

Straddle stretch x3 sets, hold for 30 secs
Pretzel stretch x3 sets, hold for 30 secs
Cobra stretch x3 sets, hold for 30 secs

*Don't forget to stretch. As we know, stretching is good for unwinding some of the tissues and tensions, and important for recovery to reset the muscle fibres and increase blood circulation.