Playing around yesterday in my gym with some circuit training. I didn't have a set training plan in mind, I just wanted some random play and ways to connect movement skills such as strength, power, agility, balance and mindful breathing.

Here' s what I came up with

Circuit 1 (Full body power, agility, balance and Co-ordination)

A1: Narrow stance Hex Deadlift Drops x3 (Strength)

A2: Back tucks (power/agility/body awareness)- jump squat optional

A3: Dive Roll (body awareness) - spinning in the opposite direction of a back tuck stirs up the vestibular system adding more challenge to right your orientation

A4: sprint + vault (agility)

A5: Bar Muscle up (upper body power)

A6: beam crawl -24 feet + beam side step transitions (breathing focus to calm nervous system)

Circuit 2 (Climb, Crawl, Carry)

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Nice finisher at the end of more complex training. All of the exercises can be taken to failure safely since when you can't complete the exercise you will either drop the weight, fall off the beam or just unable to hang or crawl. You will notice this on my last set since I pushed my hanging longer to tax my grip early but then was unable to maintain my balance while carrying the kettle bell on the beam.

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