Golfers Elbow

How to Prepare your Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders for Golf Season To Get The Most Out of it!

The snows melting, the days are getting longer that means the golf courses are getting prepared to open soon for all of the eager die hard golfers eager to get in 18 on opening day.

What my “Desk jockey” athletes forget to realize is that the long winter at a desk with their shoulders and elbows frozen over a computer might not be ready to swing a golf club on average of 93mph, 65-100+ times per round, mine is definitely in the higher range.

Instead of taking some pre-season preventative measures to create some pre-requisite strength and mobility in the connective tissue around the shoulders and elbows.

My over zealous athletes start to develop elbow pain that they try to self medicate with pain medications and anti-inflammatories, creams, braces and just taking a few days off. Inevitably, the pain ends their season earlier than expected or drastically reduces the volume of play and they end up in my office to repair an injury that could have been prevented in the first place.

The video tutorials below will walk you through some mobility drills for the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Best of all you just need your golf club for the majority of the exercises if you have no other equipment available.

Please note, These videos only address some possible upper extremity deficiencies. It is best to have a qualified Orthopaedic specialist to fully assess your movement patterns, mobility and strength to screen and correct any other possible problem areas in the neck, back, hips, knees and ankles that could be contributing to any pain syndrome you may be experiencing.

These exercises are not to treat current injuries they are for preventative measures ONLY!

If you have pain please see a professional to find out the root cause.


Elbow Mobility Exercises

Dowel Mobility work for elbow pain and tightness

Work high repetitions, 20 - 25 for 2 - 3 sets
Resistance should be light and not cause pain
Perform 3 - 4 times per weeks

Elbow- Resistance/ Mobility Work in OKC

Elbow Pain Corrective Exercises

Golfers/Tennis elbow or tigger points from imbalances around the elbow.
Open Kinetic Chain (OKC) strength and mobility work for the elbows using a home equipment. Dowels, baseball bat, golf club, kettlebell.

Work high repetitions, 15 - 25 for 2 - 3 sets

Perform 2 - 3 times per weeks