Banded Scapula and Shoulder Activation Combo

Kinetic linking & activation of the major scapular muscles for controlling the scapula

Many of the exercises and programs I put together, adapt or create are for maximum efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to rehabilitation, motor patterning, kinetic linking or performance.

Some may say its efficient, others lazy but I really go based on how I feel before and after in my movement and performance. This banded combo is no different.

I know I have some instability in my right shoulder from years of goal tending in soccer, snowboarding, gymnastics and goofing around and at times I feel it. I know what exercises I need to do to correct it but to set time aside to bang out 5 - 7 different exercises, 3 sets, 15 - 20 reps just to wake up the small muscles of the shoulder on top of my training is boring, nor do I have a lot of time to set aside as a father, husband and entrepreneur.

I will however grab the band in my office and perform 1 set, 5 - 8 reps of this combo to correct my posture and wake up my thoracic spine and scapular muscles between patients.

The exercises tend to flow together and forces you to spend some time under tension especially in the scapular stabilizers.

Follow along the tutorial in the video. Let me know what you think and leave some comments or questions you may have.