Core Combo Circuit

Adding Extra Core Stability Work in Throughout the Week Will Help Iron Out Any Peripheral Hip or Shoulder Tightness As it Dials Up Postural Stability, Strength and Endurance Around the Spine.

Everyone should strive to want to have a stronger core; not only for better athletic performance but for injury prevention as well. Performing functional strengthening exercises like squats, deadlifts, carries, pullups, and push ups help strengthen the core in an isometric way but sometimes performing these lifts on a repeated basis can lead to aches and pains or tightness in your low back, hips and shoulders.

To combat this Iíve put together this little core workout circuit to add some extra love and care, strength and endurance to our mid sections without the compression on the spine. This circuit that Iíve provided not only teaches stability in the mid-section but also mobility through the spinal segments which; allows for and controls movement in all three planes. The use of a swiss ball or exercise ball is a great tool to enable this. Use this workout as part of your warmup, as a finisher or even as a stand-alone exercise program on off days from compound lifts. By doing one round youíll notice improved flexibility, increased tension around the midsection, and better movement quality.

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