How To Use A Dowel To Improve Your Front Rack Position.

The Front Squat is a lower body exercise that helps strengthen your legs and hips, placing more emphasis on your quads muscles rather than your glutes. Itís a compound exercise meaning that multiple joints and muscle groups are working together at one time. Even though itís considered a low body exercise, it really is a full body lift. Everything from your arms to your feet plays an important role and has to work together in order to perform this lift correctly.

Front Squats are similar to back squats, however the barbell placement is different. The front squat requires you to place the bar across the front side of your body resting on your shoulders; where as the barbell is placed on your upper back when youíre performing a back squat. By placing the barbell on your shoulders, it shifts the center of mass forward, allowing for a more upright posture, thus making it a spine friendly lift. It also shifts some of the work from your glutes to your quads, which in turn makes this one of the most effective quad strengthens.

When done correctly front squats can help build strength in your quads, activate your glutes, improve core strength, increase mobility and can be easier on your back and knees compared to a back squat.

Today Iím going to show you how to use a dowel to improve your front rack position for a barbell front squat. Iím also going to show you the alternative in standing so you get a little more serratus anterior activation to get a little bit easier rack.