I Know What Youíre Thinking, Sorry Not That Kind of Quickie But Very Satisfying Nonetheless.

Iím writing this to give you a quick outline of how to structure and perform a pre-power, strength and mobility program that will stimulate the entire body with little time needed. So if you canít get the time and volume done in a single workout, donít stress out about it, Iíve got your back.

Now you only need 15-20 minutes to get a good session in, so itís important that you select your exercises appropriately to get maximum gains and efficiency. The workout in this article is made to be as time efficient as possible with a lot of training components to it.

Last week was a busy week for me, which didnít allow for my longer workouts with the higher volume and selection of exercises. So instead of using this as an excuse for an off week/de-loading week, I managed to modify my training. I broke it up which allowed for the nervous system and body to recover from higher volume training sessions done previously. Therefore, I was able to lift heavy early in the day then supplement with some high rep calisthenics work in the afternoon. I felt less sore and had great energy all week, not to mention I was also able to train everyday. Itís good to switch it up because life gets in the way and we need to adapt our training accordingly So as to not get caught up in the excuse of ďwell if I canít do my entire work out I will do nothingĒ mentality.

Hereís what you need to do to program effectively:

Lower body pull (clean and windmill)

Upper body push (overhead hold, Turkish get up)

Lower body push (Turkish get up)

Upper body pull (rope climb)

Core - technically every exercise we do is a core exercise but you can supplement it with something more isolated (advance bird dog)

Remember we can always do something, even if itís just for five minutes. You will always feel better after doing it!