Grab Your Hockey Stick, Golf Club, Baseball Bat or Dowel and Follow Along!

As we know, itís essential to get your body warmed up and moving before you get on the ice. This helps reduce the risk of injury and improves your performance. Flexibility and mobility are important areas for hockey players to focus on when doing a warm-up. Specific dynamic exercises will help improve your range of motion around the spine, hips and shoulders; thus allowing you to perform optimally on the ice. Iíve put together a few movements using a hockey stick that you can use while youíre getting ready in the dressing room, getting ready to get on the ice or pretty much anywhere (even your childís basement playroom on an Ikea mat).

This sequence isnít specific to just hockey players, they are very relevant for any rotation sports including baseball, golf, lacrosse and tennis. They replicate some of the movements youíll be performing during the game to help prepare your muscles.

I suggest starting this warm-up from the ground and making your way into standing. Start your groundwork by laying down on your back or stomach, up into sitting, then up in kneeling and eventually into standing. Although thereís no wrong sequence of doing it, it is important thatís thereís no pain anywhere and that youíre able to breathe comfortably through it. If you find youíre holding your breath, the position or range of motion might be a little bit too challenging for you and youíre most likely going too far. Donít do that, you will not attain any positive or long standing benefits or ranges of motion.

As stated before, remember to warm up before doing any sort of activity so you donít get hurt!