Have You Ever Woken Up After A Nights Sleep And Found Yourself Struggling To Turn Your Neck?

Unfortunately weíve all been there. Whether we fell asleep on the couch, were slouched over with poor posture staring down at our phones all day or perhaps you noticed it after partaking in some sort of strenuous activity. Well, the good news is a stiff or kinked up neck is a common problem and generally nothing to worry about as the pain and stiffness usually subsides after a few days.

In todayís video Iím going to show you how to self mobilize your neck if one of the joints ever get jammed up or compressed causing that pinching feeling or stiffness. All you need is some sort of resistance band or even a towel.

First and foremost, you want to find out which range you cant you use your neck in (ie. rotation, extension, side flexion). Next youíre going to gently go through the movements (as demonstrated in the video below), which will help to increase the range of motion and unwind your neck. Donít move into any painful ranges, this should be nice and easy. Always remember, if youíre creating more range you need to create some strengthening around that or else things are going to lock back up and get protective again.

If the neck is really hot and acute donít try and jam that joint up, you may actually need to try and stabilize it. If thatís the case, a nice little trick you can do is to take the towel, create a collar (as seen in the video), wrap it around the neck, and then tape it to secure it together. Apply some a535 or something of that sort and allow your muscles some time to relax.