Follow Along For Our 6 Part Series To Help Tackle Your Running Aches and Pains. Let's Get You Back To Running Those KMs Pain Free.

With the nicer weather here and a majority of gyms still closed, a lot of people have taken up running. It can be a vigorous activity that increases longevity, burns fat, and builds muscle, however itís not uncommon to experience some aches and pain especially if youíre new to it. So, weíve created this 6 part video series to revamp your mechanics and get you off on the right foot while running.

Welcome to video 5 of the new runners knee pain series. In todayís video, weíre going to look at transitioning and increasing weight acceptance as we move from one foot to the other. If you havenít checked out the last 4 videos of the series to correct your hip mobility, reconnect the core, work on spine stacked positions and rotary stability; then I recommend going back and cleaning those things up before jumping into todayís video. Itís important to get those under control before moving and transitioning. When we run, itís important that we can control the forces of the foot to make sure the knee doesnít collapse or that you donít over-rotate your pelvis.

Follow along and give these exercises a shot. If theyíre new to you try 5 repetitions to start, if youíre more experienced and familiar with these exercises then you can try to aim for 10 and work up to 15 or even 20 reps. Donít try to add to much weight, weíre looking for nice, clean pattern while building endurance.

Let me know what you think, see you in video 6!