For the Individuals Who Canít Feel Their Glutes Fire While Walking, Running or Doing Lunges and Step Ups.

When it comes to important muscle groups that runners use, the glutes should be one group at the top of the list. They provide both strength and stability around your hips and are a powerful source of propulsion as you run.

They are the largest muscle group in the body yet sometimes one of the most underused. If you're one of those individuals who have a hard time feeling the activation of the glutes during running or weightlifting, then this may be the fix for you.

Sometimes the glutes may not work in certain ranges and we lose awareness of them. We might end up overusing muscles attached to the groin or the knee causing tightness or discomfort. So today I want to show you a quick video to get those glute muscles fired up and take out the quad that might be pulling on your knee. This exercise is great to isolate the glutes in the long range in a single leg balance position while activating contralateral posterior sling and fascial spiral line that is much needed for propulsion. This position will prevent the quad from firing so youíll be forced to only engage that glute.

Try 8-10 reps on both sides and watch how that glute fires. Make sure your reset each repetition with good balance into the loaded hip. This exercise is very self limiting if your timing is off and balance is poor, you will fall over. So focus on technique! Let me know how it goes.