Follow Along For Our 6 Part Series To Help Tackle Your Running Aches and Pains. Let's Get You Back To Running Those KMs Pain Free.

Hey everyone, welcome to video 6 - the final video of the new runners knee pain series. Hopefully you had a chance to dive into video 5 where we focused on transitioning and increasing weight acceptance from one foot to the other.

In today’s video we’re going to work on propulsion techniques, rhythm, and spring. If you want to be able to run faster or more easily, it stands to reason that one of the key goals during your training should be to increase your efficiency so that you can get the most out of the activity. It’s important to pay attention to mechanics, even if you’re not an elite or professional runner. We are trying to do two things: 1. Not get hurt so that we can keep doing the thing we love to do, and 2. We’re trying to do it with less effort and more efficiency. The exercises demonstrated in the video will help do just that - improve the efficiency of your running form!

Kettlebell swings: Will help create propulsion through hip extension and not knee flexion or knee extension. This creates a more efficient, horizontal propulsion and engages larger muscle groups to do the work.

Banded lateral & forward/ backward hopping: The band will help expose any weakness that may be occurring when you're in single leg stance during the stance phase when running. It'll also boost strength and speed by improving the elasticity of the muscle.

Jump rope/skipping: Helps to create some rhythm and posture. As you start to find your rhythm, you’ll start to feel how to naturally become efficient with your body accepting weight into the ground and coming back up. *Remember to keep good posture with this exercise. Your running posture is one of the keys to achieving good, efficient form.

I hope that this video series is helpful in your running journey. If you still feel like there’s a dysfunction, you may require a further assessment more tailored to you. If this is the case, you can give my office a call to get yourself booked in. Train smart, be progressive, and most importantly, have fun!