Are You Looking to Get Getter at Pull-ups, Pushups and Handstand Presses? If So, Follow Along With This 3-Part Series.

To finish off this series, we are going to work on a pressing sequence with the paralette bars. We go from a pike support handstand to planche. The goal is serratus anterior strength by working protraction through range.

You want to keep the body tight and pelvis locked. Try to keep pressing the floor away from your body the entire time. Be mindful that this a full body isometric, be aware of any tension felt in the joints, you don’t want to pop a tendon off the bone.

For more information on strength skills, be sure to check out my Shoulder Health or Handstand workshops. These guides provide you with the tools to self-assess, identify barriers in mobility, strength and movement patterns as well as correct and treat those imbalances.

It’s always fun to add a skill when we’re trying to fix our bodies. Remember to move with purpose!