Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) Level 2

The level 2 will build and expand upon the on the assessment, treatment and performance principles covered in the Level 1. The Level 1 Resets the fundamental software and structure of the Human Athlete, the Level 2 continues to Enhance and Optimize the Human Athlete.

We will continue to move through the neurodevelopmental model of Human movement development, analyze patterns under loads, troubleshoot various movement dysfunctions and orthopedic conditions all while enhancing your ability to teach your clients complex patterns, use various performance tools and take their rehabilitation/performance goals well past their former expectations.

This 2 day Level 2 workshop will provide easy to apply movement science and innovative assessment tools to understand and treat the human athlete.

The Advance Movement Therapist Level 2 workshop looks more closely at how the body is connected and communicates through the kinetic chains and meridians through Kinetic Testing giving the AMT practitioner more precise guidance on exercise selection and application.

Participants will learn from a respected physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach who practices what he preaches. Tom Swales has integrated knowledge across fields of human movement, strength and performance to create a user-friendly framework for assessment and prescription of exercise for all types of physical mobility impairment.

Who Should take the Level 2 course?

Practitioners must have taken the AMT LEVEL 1 as a prerequisite for taking the LEVEL 2 as the information in Level 2 is built upon the Level 1 foundations.

The Manual Therapist (Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Massage Therapist)

The AMT L2 certification will extend the clinicians reach in the patient's treatment plan by:

  • More specifically finding areas that need skilled manual therapy intervention by using biofeedback muscle testing in the kinetic and facial chains through the body.
  • Applying the optimal movement strategy to your patient to progress their treatment faster. They will in turn, depend less on the use of your hands and you can focus their progress and recovery to higher levels.
  • Learning how to incorporate functional and sport specific movement patterns with loads to accelerate rehabilitation outcomes.

The Movement Coach (Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Physiotherapist Assistant)

The AMT Level 2 will give you the confidence and knowledge to assess and teach your clients;

  • How to handle significant loads and weights while working around areas of pain or injury.
  • How to apply these tools more effectively you will have the knowledge and skill to be able to get your clients out of painful patterns, train around injuries and have the tools to treat mechanical dysfunction causing pain/or weakness without the need of manual assessment and therapy skills to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Acquire an advanced movement training framework from which you can confidently and effectively communicate and work alongside other health professionals making you a preferred coach to refer their patients to.

What type of clientele is this suitable for?

The AMT Level 2 system is geared more towards:

  • The complex client/patient that isnít responding to the traditional mechanical model approach of exercise, strength training or manual therapy
  • The patients that have multiple painful areas with no clear or defined diagnosis
  • The clients that require a greater level of coaching and stimulus to achieve their movement and performance goals

What will be learned in the Level 2:

  • Breathing assessment for clinical measurements of Carbon dioxide tolerance
  • Breath techniques to up-regulate and prime the nervous systems for increase output and performance and more advanced techniques to down regulate and assist with recovery.
  • Ground based movement transitions and combinations for increased awareness and mobility performance
  • Ambulation and gait assessment and correctives for greater movement efficiency and energy conservation.
    • Ground transportation and transitions
    • Balance assessment and correctives with loads
    • Running mechanic efficiency
  • Assessment and Correction of Athletic movement patterns while under loads.
    • Distinguishing the most common faults and fixing them on the fly
  • Learn to better use performance training tools (kettlebells, barbells, gymnastics etc) to enhance rehabilitation outcomes.
  • Reflex Assessment: the hierarchy of primitive reflex assessment and integration into rehabilitation and performance
  • Dural/neural sensitization testing
    • Uncovering myotomal weakness from alterations in compression and/or traction through the dural sleeve
  • Kinetic Testing: biofeedback testing integrating activation or inhibition of the nervous system certain stimulus.
    • Kinetic Muscle Testing (KMT)
    • Kinetic Active Straight Leg raise (KASLR)
    • Kinetic Push Test (KPT)
  • Treating and training the Shoulder with the 3 Practical Pillars: climb, crawl, carry
  • Lower Extremity Ballistics (Acceleration/Deceleration): jumping/landing mechanics, kettlebell swing variations, position transitions
  • Upper Extremity push/pull balancing and strength skill acquisition.
  • Advanced spinal strength and core work

What you will receive: Course manual, evaluation forms (postural assessment, subjective assessment, objective assessment, manual muscle testing chart), certificate of completion for the AMT Level 2 + approved CEUs by the listed providers. Snacks, coffee, water will also be provided.

What will I receive after completion of the Level 2?

Upon completion of the AMT level 2 course participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to challenge the online certification exam to gain the credential of a Certified Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) to display their advanced knowledge in performance rehabilitation on marketing material and business cards.
  • Become apart of a community of like minded movement professionals to share and gain knowledge through the private online Facebook community.
  • Receive updated information on the workshops, treatment and training information, video tutorials, platform to ask questions, discounted rates on future workshops, programs and retreats and much more.

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