Advanced Movement Therapist (AMT) Crash Course for Tele-Rehab Webinar

  • Are you feeling a bit anxious about tele-rehab?
  • Need a framework for performing a movement based assessment?
  • Are you looking for a quick and effective method to use for tele-rehab treatment?
  • Need to better understand how to treat without using manual techniques?

Feel confident in the service you are providing

Created using elements of the Advanced Movement Therapists Certification, we have created the AMT Crash Course for Tele-Rehab! The AMT system is a movement based treatment, performance and education system for both the clinician and the client. Itís a framework based on human movement and is easily adaptable and integrated with your current clinical knowledge and skill sets.

What you will Learn:
  • How to ask relevant questions to get the full picture of the client, their condition, movement and life habits that could be contributing factors
  • How to communicate with your patient for accurate data collection
  • How to conduct an orthopaedic assessment, active orthopaedic testing, objective data collection (ROM, AROM, orthopaedic testing, strength) with new clients for tele-rehab
  • How to analyze posture and make clinical predictions on tissues/ structures that are taking the majority of load
  • What the systematic global movement assessment can do to streamline your assessment and treat the areas that are most problematic
  • Learn a hierarchy of movement and structure importance to the brain and nervous system
  • The most effective and relevant rehabilitation for self-body care with techniques, corrective exercise and movement therapy strategies to optimize patient outcomes
  • How to educate, motivate and reassure your clients through their rehabilitation goals though this challenging time
Take Away's:
  • Discover the structure and philosophy of the AMT system
  • Learn a thorough movement based Assessment and Treatment approach
  • Learn body work and mobility exercises to teach the client when and how to use
  • Provide your patients with education on self assessment, body work and exercise correction
  • Learn what is optimal and non-optimal, restricted (soft tissue vs joint), or inhibited movement
  • Learn effective fundamental exercises to lock in the new movement patterns with strength
  • Learn the global movement assessment and neurological scan
  • Receive the AMT subjective and objective assessment templates to use during your tele-rehab appointments
  • Receive the postural analysis chart for clinical posture predictions of movement dysfunction and potential pain drivers
  • Receive a copy of the power point reviewed during workshop

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