Shoulder Health & Progressive Muscle Up Course

In this video we break down the stages of muscle up progression beginning with shoulder health and exploring every element to the path of completing a well formed muscle up exercise.

The shoulder joint is one of the most common areas of the body prone to injury due the complexity of its design and mobility available to it. The variety of exercises used to strengthen the shoulder and the muscles around it are abundant, but none more versatile and impressive than the strict muscle-up. When performed correctly and with strict form it can be an excellent exercise to develop strength and flexibility in the shoulder complex and as an upper body push-pull combination.

This is a live recording of a progressive, interactive and hands on workshop that teaches how to self-screen and correct imbalances, strengthen and stabilize, improve mobility and treat old injuries using sound training and rehabilitation principles.

What will be covered?

  • Quick screening for mobility imbalances
  • The 7 Priciple Pillars for a healthy shoulder and 3 Practical Pillars
  • Corrective exercise techniques with the use of foam rollers, bands, kettlebells, body weight exercises
  • Progressive mobility and strength program for the shoulder girdle complex, hips and thoracic spine
  • Progressive exercise techniques to safely perform the strict muscle-up on the Olympic rings and straight bar
  • Participants will receive a small booklet of the exercises taught with brief descriptions of each so they can continue to practice safe effective techniques.

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