Squat Book


How to Unlock Your Squat: a lock and key approach to recapture one of our most fundamental and functional movements

This approach to recapturing one of our most fundamental and basic patterns of human movement. If we find the right key to our nervous system and mobility the body will respond with better movement quality and ultimately better performance.

I wrote this book to be like a choose your own adventure road map that will teach the reader how to tease out the major movement restrictions that may be a limiting factor to being able to squat effectively and safely.

The reader will be taken through a basic movement assessment to see where the mobility restrictions are located. Walked through applying a particular exercise and then encouraged to re check the faulty or restricted movement.

If the route taken leads to a dead end or has no positive effect, we circle back and take a different path.

The end result is to have the reader self assess their movement quality and restrictions and systematically apply correctives to the possible cause of their dysfunctional squat.

Then use their new pattern to enhance their mobility, function and performance.