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  • "I have taken handstand workshops before that were good; however, Tom went above and beyond with the SPS Handstand Workshop. I have never had someone explain so thoroughly all the workings of the body that come together to make a safe and solid handstand. I was really impressed with the modifications provided to build yourself up into a handstand. For myself I will be really focussing on the exercises that help to keep your shoulders strong, whether it be working on scap hangs to improve my lower trap muscles or overhead carries to help remind me to keep my shoulder impacted and away from my ears. The steps from fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulder, core, hip flexors, glutes, etc. really helped me to pinpoint some weaknesses I need to strengthen. Tom truly provided a workshop that left you feeling more confident in your ability to get to a free-standing handstand, if you hadn't already, and gave you the knowledge of what you needed to do to get there. "

    Justine Baskey

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  • "The Shoulder Health and Progressive Muscle-Up Workshop was a great experience! There was a lot of great information that can be applied to all patients and clients, but also more advanced techniques that are great for the individuals capable of progressing to more challenging exercises. The Monday follow a workshop is usually tough, because you have to find a way to apply the information learned from the workshop. However, Tom does a great job organizing the material to make it easy to follow and apply immediately after leaving the workshop. Anyone looking for a competitive edge in the sports performance and rehabilitation field should keep an eye out for Tomís workshop opportunities, you wonít regret it."

    David Capstick, University of Winnipeg Menís Basketball Strength Coach

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  • "Outstanding. Recently attended a specialty course and had a great learning experience. Physical therapist, Tom Swales has a lot of knowledge to share about the mechanics of the human body. "

    S. Green

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