Handstand Workshop

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to identify barriers in their mobility, strength and movement patterns that may be hindering their progress to attaining the static handstand.

Participants will be have the knowledge and tools to work through their weak links to create a stronger more durable body through the progressions taught in the workshop

They will learn how training for this particular skill will translate into many other strength skills, athletic activities and improve overall mind-body awareness.

What Participants can expect to learn

How to Self assess basic movement patterns to find the restrictions and weak links that may impair progressions to attaining the handstand.

A systematic progression of standard strength and mobility must be attained in order i to move forward safely through the training of the handstand.

How the information can be applied

Students will have the ability to leave with the applied knowledge of how to teach their own students safe progressions for the skill of the handstand as well as creating stronger healthier shoulders, hands/wrists and spine.

Everyone will leave with a detailed course manual of the information to later review in the future and progress their skills.


Concept of Movement
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